Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This image is from the Reborn to be Alive site (the website is in Dutch). Doesn't really matter what language it's in, because this is a case where a picture might be worth a thousand words.

I gather this is a new ad making the rounds (I read about it on Alice Vosloo's blog, Living Life Breathlessly). New target market or offensive ad? What do you think?

IMO, this ad (at best) might get people to stop and look before turning the page. But I don't think many people in that "target" audience are going to give organ donation serious consideration.

Of course, I would be wrong. It's happened before.

Your thoughts?


Kellee said...

Sorry it took forever and a day to write you back!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!
I love new blog friends =)


Brandi said...

No problem! Hope you and M are doing great!!!

Have a good day!