Friday, July 10, 2009

New and Improved!

I replaced my boring comment system (Blogger Standard) with a new one (Disqus). I first saw Disqus in action over at My Charming Kids ... what's really cool is that you can now leave a comment using your Facebook or Twitter account, or still use your Open ID (Google, LiveJournal, Wordpress, etc.)

Since MckMama already wrote some pretty detailed instructions on how to use Disqus, I thought I would cross-post it over here. Yes, I am too lazy today to re-write this myself.

To leave a comment, simply click on the Comments link below each post just like you did before. You'll automatically be directed to the place where you can start typing your comment. All the previous comments will be listed below this box.

You will see three buttons at the top of the comment box: D Profile, Twitter, and Facebook. You don’t have to press any of these buttons if you don’t want to. Anyone can simply comment in the box, then enter their name and email and click comment. No logging in to anything needed!!!

However, to see your pretty face next to your comment and keep from having to type in your name and email, you can also click the Facebook or Twitter button. The first time you click one of these buttons to comment, a window will pop up and ask permission to access your Facebook or Twitter account so that you can be verified under either of those profiles and you are set. You should only have to do this authorization thing the very first time you leave a comment on my blog with Facebook or Twitter.

If you wanted, you could also click on D profile and set up your very own Disqus profile. Sheesh, that's a lot of options! But from then on out, it will be smooth sailing!!

Now isn't that easy?

Pretty please, won't you leave me some comments to try out this shiny new toy that I have?