Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lauren Update. 12/05/09

2:00 PM:

Lauren was mostly stable through the night. Been a little bumpy this afternoon. She is overbreathing vent and they have had to increase sedation. She was on 70% settings when we got here but was de-satting back into the 80's so they have upped settings back to 100%. She is also getting blood b/c her hematocrit was low.

7:00 PM:

Miss Lauren is hanging in there. Dr. Y. started an arterial line to make it easier to check ABG's and monitor her arterial blood pressure. They also started another CVL to give more IV access. They did a CT scan of her abdomen this afternoon but no results by the time visiting hours were over. Dr. Y. promised to keep me updated on her status ... he is taking very good care of her. Please keep the good thoughts coming!!!!