Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Keeps on Slipping ...

away from me, apparently.  Aye!  What a week ~ another crazy busy one, it seems.  Every time I had good intentions on sitting down to post a blog update, something came up.  However, I'm at "lunch" now, so I figured it's as good a time as any to get caught up.

ENT Update:

I had my sinus "surgery" in the office last Tuesday.  Not an experience I care to repeat.  The actual procedure (revising scar tissue and removing polyps from my frontal sinuses) wasn't terrible in and of itself because I was numb from my eyes to my teeth, but the process of a) getting numb from my eyes to my teeth and b) recovering AFTER being numb from my eyes to my teeth was not so thrilling.

(If you don't want to read all the juicy details, skip the next few paragraphs)

After getting settled in the chair of torture exam chair, things got underway by spraying lidocaine up my nose. Next, a squirt of pentacaine in both nares. Step 3 involved taking a piece of cotton drenched in pentacaine and shoving it way, way, way up my left nostril (up to the frontal sinuses).  After marinating for about five minutes, the fun really started.  If you call fun having a 3-inch needle filled with lidocaine poked up your nose and said lidocaine being squirted into your frontal nasal cavities.

Have you ever noticed the similarity between all things ENT and medieval torture devices?  I have.

To give my ENT full credit, my sinuses were completely numb.  There was no "pain" involved while he was digging around in my frontal sinuses.  I could feel pressure and hear the scrape, scrape, scraping sounds of instruments inside my head.  It was definitely a mind game.  As long as I could keep my mental hamster wheel spinning and not focus on the aforementioned, I could keep myself from crawling over the back of the chair.

The total time (from numb to done) was about 45 minutes.  Not that I relish the thought of ever doing it again, but for future reference, it is possible.

And although I could have driven myself home, I was glad that my dad (thanks, Dad!) picked me up and dropped me off.  Once home, especially after the -Caine sisters started wearing off, my head was ready to implode.  Thanks be to Tylenol, my bed, and some kitteh love, I survived the rest of the day.

I did return to work on Wednesday (although I can't honestly say I accomplished much) and was pretty much back to normal on Thursday with only a lingering headache and some sinus pain.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I go back for my one week post-op exam.  Stay tuned for more.

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On Wednesday night I enjoyed my weekly dinner with the fam.  We changed things up this week by having Mexican and it was fabulous!

Thursday night was our first CFF Young Professionals meeting.  I think (I hope!) this is going to be a very interesting group to be involved in.  Although this week's gathering (dinner and drinks) was more of a "meet and greet" rather than an actual meeting, I think the group has the potential to do some great things.  At our first meeting we had two adult CF patients (myself and a 39 year old fibro), two CF spouses, one CF aunt, and several other people who know or have known somebody with CF and are inspired to help.  I know not everybody could be at our first meeting, so I'm looking forward to seeing who attends the next meeting.

This weekend went by FAR to fast (don't they always?).  My super amazing hair stylist called me and I was able to get my hair done ... no major changes this time, although I did change the light silvery-blue from before to an indigo blue.  I was planning on going next Saturday, but it was nice to be able to get it done early.

I also had an appointment at Best Buy to get my new iPod adapter installed in my car.  This is an after market piece that is hardwired to play your iPod through the radio without using an FM transmitter.  LOVE.  Even if the installation took twice as long as it should have (a very long 3.5 hours).  

But it was worth it ... no more heinous FM transmitter!!!  No lie, I have been through at least five FM transmitters and not a single one would play my iPod without horrible static or interference.  The nice thing about this particular transmitter is that it is completely transferable - if (or rather, when) I sell my car, I can have it removed and installed in my new vehicle.

On Saturday night my family and I celebrated our birthday extravaganza (this celebration was for Alex [22], myself [32], Cheryl [52], and my grandmother [29]) at Bonefish Grill.  Excellent food.  Excellent fun.  As always.

And last, but certainly not least, on Sunday we went to the season finale of the Birmingham Broadway Series to see The Wizard of Oz.

Fantastic performance!  I can't wait to find out what will be here for the 2010 - 2011 season.  In July, you'll find me at the fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta enjoying this:

Obsessed?  It's only my eighth (ninth?) show.  I'm far from obsessed.

And in November (hopefully), you will find me under the lights of Broadway: