Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching Up

I have a bad habit of being quasi anti-social when I am in the hospital (of which I was for the better part of last month).  Although I wasn't terribly sick upon being admitted, I had been out of the hospital for a considerable length of time (for me).  In addition, a mild virus / cold decided to make its presence known around the time I was admitted precipitating yet another round of Prednisone.

Prednisone and I have a love / hate relationship, at best.  I started and finished this course with the usual range of side effects, including CF-related diabetes.  In the past, I've had to treat blood sugars while on Prednisone (with insulin) but my sugars tended to normalize once the course was complete.

Apparently my pancreas has decided that it doesn't want to participate in this little game any longer.  I'm now an official insulin-pen carrying, blood sugar checking member of the diabetes world.  Of course, CF-related diabetes is something that tends to be expected as Cystic Gal's age gracefully, but it wasn't something I planned on encountering anytime soon.

Speaking of planning, I'm fast discovering in the diabetic world that daily life requires some amount of planning, scheduling, and thinking ahead.  As living by a "schedule" is the bane of my existence, it's taken some time to adjust to this new lifestyle.  Of course, having experienced a few true diabetic "lows" over the past week has proved to be a great source of inspiration in getting with the program.

Along with "di-a-beet-us" (so said Wilford Brimley), I've been dealing with high blood pressure.  The prevailing opinion is that the high blood pressure is because of, and/or related to the diabetes and that with control of one will come control of the other.  But until it normalizes, I'm taking a small dose of blood pressure medicine once a day.

Learning to manage diabetes in the hospital was much easier than doing so at home.  Rightfully so, when your food is delivered to you three times a day on silver plastic platters.  But I'm adjusting to being home.  It's been a process and I am trying to steadily improve my rather erratic eating habits and curb my consumption of the nectar of the gods (it's not my fault that I'm a good Southern girl who enjoys the occasional gallon of sweet tea).

Other than that, life is good and quickly returning to normal.  Here's to another round of good health bolstered by an extra dose of healthy eating.


SWelch said...

Glad you are motivated to get it under control Brandi! Hope you stay out of that place for a good while! =)

Jessica said...

I'm not CFRD yet, but I've had the same prednisone = insulin issues before, and have recently been trying to curb my sugar intake for many reasons...despite my ~64oz daily consumption of sweet tea.

ALAS I have found a doable solution! If you make good strong unsweetened tea at home, and then add just a splash of those flavored syrups you can get at World Market, it's still sweet enough and you don't feel like you're missing anything, but it's got WAY less sugar.

I use the peach kind, and 1 whole ounce of that syrup has only 18g of carbs, but I barely use 1/2 an oz when I make a big glass, so it's like, nothing away from being basically "free", insulin-wise. (still haven't figured out the pitcher-to-syrup ratio, but still).

Just thought I'd let you know b/c giving up sweet tea is one of the thing I dread most about CFRD, and I can't believe my little syrup rig WORKS! :o)

Kelly said...

Con: Having diabetes.

Pro: Having an excuse to say "diabeetus" a la Wilford Brimley ALL. THE. TIME.

Love you, honey!

Josh said...

Ugh. You are rollin' through some stuff, trooper. CFRD is not something I am looking forward to. I had the same kind of issues this weekend when I was inpatient...erratic blood sugars and all with prednisone. Thinking of you and hope everything evens out soon.

By the way...this was so well written! I chuckled crossed out silver and the "nectar of the gods" part for 5 minutes. :-)

Peaceful Things.