Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Strides Report & T-Shirts!

Just wanted to report that the UAB Adult CF Team had an amazing 2010, turning in more than $4100 at our event last Saturday.  We've had a few more donations since then, but I am ecstatic about what we pulled off this year.

The weather was beautiful (a bit hot) and we FINALLY had a year with no rain in the forecast.  What could make our weekend any better?  The fact that the Alabama Chapter raised over $139,000 for CF research this year!!!

Like many other teams, we've been selling t-shirts to help meet our fundraising goal.  Our shirts turned out great this year and I have a few extra that are available.

(back of shirt)

(front of shirt)

T-shirts are available in short sleeve or long sleeve.  As of May 28th, I only have five shirts left, but if enough requests are received (minimum of 12), additional shirts can be ordered.

Sizes Available:
  • 1 Medium (Short Sleeve)
  • 2 Large (Long Sleeve)
  • 1 X-Large (Short Sleeve)
  • 1 XX-Large (Long Sleeve)

Shirts are $15 (including shipping) and payable by cash, check or via Paypal (e-mail me for instructions).

The above pictures are the artist's rendering.  I'll take a few pics of an available shirt and post this evening.