Monday, November 8, 2010

Playing Dress Up

This blog is going to be a double feature!  Although I initially intended to write separate posts about the past two weekends, I've somehow managed to let time escape me yet again.  Therefore, it's a 2-in-1 pictorial about how I've gotten to do one of my favorite things for the past two weekends - play dress up!

Three weeks ago, my aunt, cousin and I ventured up to Florence, AL and spent the day at the Alabama Renaissance Faire. This is our second year to attend the Faire, but our first dressing up for the event. My aunt opted for the look of a noble lady, my cousin was a medieval sorcerer and I was your local tavern wench. In all, the day was an absolute blast.

Among the sites to see, there were men in kilts, trolls, ruffians & barbarians, powerful magicians, enchanted statues and, of course, the nobility.

For more pics of the day, check out Facebook.

And last weekend we celebrated my favorite holiday of all - HALLOWEEN! In case you don't know, Halloween is kind of a BIG deal in my family. As soon as one Halloween ends, we start planning the next year's theme (seriously, my cousin and I just had a lengthy discussion yesterday over lunch about an escaped psycho-Hannibal Lecter type theme next year). Anyway, this year we opted for a medical horror and it turned out better than we could have asked. We easily had 300+ trick or treaters, went through eleven large bags of candy PLUS my aunt's secret stash and still ran out by 8:30 PM.

We've spent so much time talking about how great Halloween night is that my family from Virginia decided to venture down and check out the shenanigans. That's my cousin, the devil & me this year.

Again, more pics are up on Facebook. Check 'em out if you have time! How did you scare away the spirits this Halloween?


Kelly said...

LOVE your costumes!