Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Lesson Learned

Word to the wise: When you own three cats who think your closet is their personal playground, take an extra close look at yourself before you leave the house in the morning.

For some reason I was in the mood to dig out a shirt from the depths of my closet that I haven't worn in quite a while. It's a cute black & white silk floral top from Ann Taylor. It's short sleeved, so I grabbed a jacket to wear over it (the temperature in my office building fluctuates wildly - usually somewhere between the Mojave Desert & Antartica depending on the time of day).

On my first restroom break, I happened to glance in the mirror and what do I see? A tear in the front of my shirt, held together by a couple of threads. Looking more closely, I realized it was the nefarious work of one of my kittehs. My guess is that some unknown hellcat probably used the shirt to pull himself up so they could prance along the rod.

Fortunately, the pattern in the shirt hid most of the damage and LUCKILY I decided to wear the jacket this morning. Granted, we might be "business casual" in the office, but I think wearing cat-clawed attire is taking it a bit far.


Josh said...

Depends on where you work, I s'pose. ;-)

Kelly said...

Dude, you are a much better kitty-mommy than me, because Lola and Winnifred would find themselves on the outside looking in. Poor Brandi!!

Azer's Mom said...

LOL! I love mature adult cats for a reason! Meaning, "living furniture" type cats.