Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates

At the end of February, early March, I had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, FL for work.  I attended a conference (training) related to my job.  For four days, I studied the basics of Deposit & Lending Compliance.  I know that might not sound exciting to many of you, but YES, I actually enjoyed it.  I was familiar with most of the deposit regulations (Reg CC, Reg DD, Reg E, among others) but the lending session really kicked my butt (especially Reg Z & RESPA ... my brain was toast by the end of Day 2!)

While I was in Orlando, I also got to have a little bit of fun. (Don't tell my boss that!)

On Wednesday night, I met up with an old friend ... we haven't seen each other since 5th grade, when she moved back to Japan.  We'd kept in touch over the years via letters (yes, real ones) and then found each other on Facebook not too long ago.  When she saw my post about being in Orlando, she contacted me that night and we immediately decided that we had to get together.  We met up in Downtown Disney and enjoyed dinner at an Irish Pub (where we had meat pies ... savory & sweet pies for you Sweeney Todd fans). Later that night we went over to the Magic Kingdom where I got to do some shopping and we watched the fireworks show. All in all, it was a great night!

On my last night there (after the conference was over) I decided to catch the final performance of Wicked. I love, love, love this show and this was my second time seeing it.  Although the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center was a little smaller than I expected for a city the size of Orlando, it was a nice setting.  Even better, the tickets I scored were three rows back (which I had no idea when I purchased).  To say I was thrilled would be putting it lightly.

15 minutes til curtain! 

After a whirlwind week, I was glad to arrive home on Saturday. I was in kitteh withdrawal after a week in a hotel (Although I highly recommend the Homewood Suites in Maitland, FL if you are ever visiting the area, it was a little off the beaten path. However, it was very close to the office my training classes were being held in and the rooms and free food made it even better).

I was home for a couple of days when my body crashed and I had to be re-admitted to UAB Hospital.  So, on March 9, I checked in for sixteen fun-filled and exciting days.  Although it meant celebrating my birthday in the hospital, it wasn't a bad visit overall.  I am now officially back to work and back up to all of my old tricks!


Kelly said...

Glad you had a fun trip!