Sunday, January 25, 2009

I survived!

What a week! Work wise, it was nothing ... we were off Monday for MLK Day, I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I was off on Thursday (Clinic Day) and Friday (my final study day). Saturday was GRE test day and I am so glad that it's over with! I can now officially quit studying, or rather, quit feeling guilty for not studying as much as I should.

I wanted to score at least 1000, and skated by with a 1010. I definitely could have done better on the math section, but as always, I tend to make the problems more complicated than they probably are and I started running out of time. When the geometry questions started popping up, I started playing "the answer is always C." It worked enough times to squeak by, but I know I could do better if I put more effort into it. It's just one of those things that I find very un-enjoyable. My problem is that I can DO the math, but I just don't necessarily get WHY I am doing the math. And yes, I work at a bank. But I WRITE for a living, for crying out loud!

I will be very interested to see what scores I made on the writing section, but it will be approximately 2 - 4 weeks before I receive the official scores. I am hoping for at least a 4 / 6 (preferably 5) on both essays.

However, I officially scored high enough on the GRE to begin the admissions process to the graduate program at UAB, FTW! I have to have three letters of recommendation, an entrance essay, a $50 application fee, and of course, the application itself.

Clinic went well on Thursday. My PFTs were stable at 49 / 46 ... #'s that I am happy with. My SATs are still continuing to run low (91) and my nurse wants me to give strong consideration to wearing my O2 all the time, not just when I am sleeping and exercising. I tend to live in a happy little state of denial most times and I'm none too happy with the thought of being tethered down all day. I already have a portable concentrator (the Inogen One), but I have given some thought to switching over to liquid O2. For those of you that are on O2 all the time, do you have a preference?

The remodeling saga has taken a turn for the worse. My contractor will no longer be able to finish the remaining things we had left as he has been delayed for an indefinite amount of time in Florida with personal issues. We were done with most of the job ... down to the punch list and painting my master bedroom. Unfortunately all of this happened right after he taped off the bedroom and sprayed the texture on the walls but BEFORE he could get any actual paint on the walls. So I have spent the past two weeks living in the guest bedroom with the front of my house looking (once again) like a construction site. Fortunately, I found another person to come in and finish the paint job in the bedroom over the past two days. My new bedroom furniture will be here next Saturday, but Dad is going to come by today to at least help me get mattress moved back into the room. I MISS MY BED! Here is a picture of the new bedroom set that I bought from Rooms to Go:

That's all for now! Hope everybody in the bloggy world has had a great week. Even though I haven't posted much recently, I check up on all my favorite blogs every day or so.