Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GI Appointment & CT Scans

I had my appointment with my new GI doctor, Dr. Lawrence F Johnson, MD yesterday. I was VERY pleased. Dr. Johnson was a really nice guy who actually took more than two and a half seconds to listen to my concerns and decide on a course of action. I also met with his fellow, George B Smallfield III, MD, who was very friendly as well. Compared to the monkey I went to last time, I felt like this was a much more productive visit.

So right now the plan is to have an endoscopy done while I am inpatient this time and I may also have a repeat of the Barium Swallow study. He wants to take a closer look at some of my lab levels because upon palpitation my spleen felt enlarged. He said this could simply be due to the fact that I am currently fighting off an infection, but just wants to make sure.

I also had a CT scan yesterday for my sinuses, so will need to schedule an ENT consult while I am inpatient. I already know from the way my sinuses feel that a sinus surgery is probably in my near feature and I *dread* that fact. I swore off all sinus related procedures about ten years ago when my last sinus surgery didn't go well.

Well, that's all for now folks. UAB just called to tell me that my bed is ready and I haven't packed a bag yet. I will update later and let everybody know where I am.


Sheila Dean said...

I'm glad your appt with the new doctor went well. Sorry you're having to go into the hospital. Please let me know if I can bring you anything or keep you company :)