Thursday, March 12, 2009

I readily admit that I've been neglecting this blog lately, but just in case anyone starts to feel like it's because there's so much exciting stuff going on in my life, I promise that's not the case. I am wrapping up a near record length stay at UAB. When I am discharged tomorrow morning, I will have been here for THIRTY (yes, 30) days. Ridiculous!

I think my last post was just prior to my sinus surgery. What was supposed to be a two or three hour procedure turned into five hours of surgery. The surgery and the follow up kicked my ass! I was pretty much out of it for the next week or so, and even now my sinuses are still a little painful. I am trying to be a good patient and follow the regimen of sinus flushes. I am keeping my fingers crossed that having this surgery might keep me out of the hospital a little longer between visits.

I also had an endoscopy yesterday. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad ... at least once the Versed and Demerol were on board. =) The end result of that is that the things I eat are not moving through my digestive system as they should. The doctor that did the procedure was able to successfully identify the chicken nuggets that I ate for dinner on Tuesday night. I know, I know ... TMI! The plan right now is to change one of my meds (Reglan) over to a liquid as they feel that it will absorb better than the pill form that I have been taking. I also have to have a nuclear study so that they can actually watch everything move through my system. Yum, radioactive eggs for breakfast!

While this has been an event filled hospital visit, I can honestly say THANK GOD it's over. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My grandmother is flying into town next weekend for my birthday and we'll be having one of our marathon shopping / buying / decorating days. Honestly, I hope I have half as much energy that she does when I am her age. I am tres excited as most of the remodeling is done and she can now help me pull together the last few loose decorating odds and ends.

I'll be posting more information about Great Strides later ... no later than this weekend, I promise.



Katey said...

YAY for update!! I'll send you email later with update on Shaun. Couldn't get an update on Candace...but she was awake when i walked by her room...but still on vent!!