Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Additional Ranting

So I *finally* got a call back from the ENT nurse. Two days after my original call, but at least it was progress (of a sort).

The Dr. agreed to call me in a prescription and his nurse elected to prescribe Cipro. I grant that Cipro is a great antibiotic for most people with sinus infections (or if you have anthrax, but that's neither here nor there). However, if you'd take five seconds to OPEN MY CHART you'd see that on page 1 it says that I have an extraordinary bad reaction to Cipro. I'm not allergic, per se, but I would prefer not to puke my brains out and have never-ending nausea for the next ten days.

I very nicely explained this to his nurse and she told me should have to call me back. A few hours later and I was the proud owner of a 10-day supply of Levaquin. I have my fingers crossed that it will do the trick and kick this sinus infection to the curb.


Katey said...

Praying the Levaquin works! I had an awesome appt yesterday...but then started running fevers last night...i'm so p/o. Anyway, I called my tx coordinator, and I've got 14 days of's funny..because I acquired the script (thinking sinus infection-related) within about 3 hours :)

I have an appt with my ENT on May
6th...they were full until then..UGH!

Anonymous said...

Never ending brillance within the medical profession...makes you wonder how they ever managed to complete school and pass boards!