Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello World!

Once again I find myself completely neglecting my blog. Anybody that's in and out of the hospital knows it can be an adjustment coming home and getting back to "real life" and that's exactly what I've been doing the last three weeks. I went back to work immediately this time - in my mind, missing four weeks of work is not conducive (geez, I've been using that word a lot today) to keeping a job, so I wanted to jump back in. It's been a lot and I've been tired, but it is so good to get back.

I, fortunately, have a WONDERFUL manager and EVP and they've allowed me to work from home for the past two weeks. My job involves a lot of reading, research, and writing and is a good fit with the whole work-at-home idea. I knew going in that this was on a temporary basis and I'm returning to the office on Monday, but I have my fingers crossed that I may be able to keep working from home, at least a few days a week. It has made such a difference ... I no longer feel rushed to do my meds and therapy, I can do ALL of my meds (including those pesky afternoon aerosols) and I'm not exhausted when I start the day from the walk to the building (I park about a block from my office). My review is slated for April 7 and we are going to discuss the opportunity then, so fingers crossed!!!

My aunt is vacationing at the beach right now, so I'm back in charge of the zoo. I've been staying over there at night and spending the days with my boo's, and it has worked out well. Even Louie and I are getting along (most days!).

My friend Katey called me this morning and told me that her friend, Shaun, passed away. I didn't know Shaun, but the loss of any CF patient (pre- or post-txp) always sucks. Please keep Katey and Shaun's family in your thoughts right now.

More to come (as always). Did you check out my Great Strides button on the right side of the page?

Laters ~