Sunday, April 5, 2009

The time I ate radioactive eggs...

I am scheduled for a Nuclear Medicine test on Tuesday morning at 8 AM in which I get to ingest radioactive eggs and then we wait. And wait. And watch. And see exactly how long things are taking to move through my stomach / GI system.

I have a GI appointment following at 11 AM, but I am not sure if we'll discuss the results or still be waiting (a strong possibility in my case ... if you remember, during my endoscopy the Dr. was successfully able to figure out what I had for dinner 18 HOURS BEFORE the test.)

Also, I will need some finger-crossing and good luck on Tuesday as I have my annual review at 2 PM. Well, this is more of a 6-month review for me since I've only been in this position since August, but they are moving everybody's review date to April so I have to have mine a little early. One of the topic of discussions will be my ability to work from home and I am really hoping to get the OK to continue, at least some of the time. The biggest test will be to see how long I can stay out of the hospital and if working from home makes a difference. My feeling is if it keeps me out another two or three weeks, then that is more time that the bank can have me as a productive employee. Win, win for both of us, IMO!

Alas, back to straightening up the house. I just took the trash out and as I was coming back in, Beau (my scaredy-cat), made a dash out the front door. He got all of three feet before he figured out what he was doing and looked back at me with a look of panic on his face. I, of course, came to the rescue and returned him back to his warm and cozy bench in front of the window where he can contentedly stare at the squirrels in the tree. Not that he is spoiled. Not at all.

I am still trying to decide about the new lampshade I bought. The original one that was on the lamp was huge and ugly. I bought a new one and it was too small, so I returned it for a larger one. I love the color but I'm still not sure if it fits. I'll post pics later and hopefully get some feedback from my few and far between blog readers. =)

Laters ~


Katey said...

Have fun eating the radioactive eggs. They are actually pretty good, except the nurse for me last time put too much pepper on there. And the test takes 2 hours and 15 you might want to sneak something in before you go if you tend to get back pain.

Glad Beau was returned safely!

Good luck with your work review! I'll be praying everything goes well and that you can continue working from home!

I hope you are feeling good! Rocky told me to tell you hey, as I visited with him on Wed!

See you soon!!