Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grilling Goodness


As always, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I wanted to participate in this week's Grilling Goodness. If you'd like to join in the fun of these me-me's, click the link here.

1. What do you like most about your skin?

Probably the fact that it is very fair and clear. I do not tan ... a day in the sun might leave me a little pink but most often it is gone the next day.

2. Does your spouse mind grocery shopping for you or with you?

I would like a spouse that would go grocery shopping, cook dinner and clean up for me afterwards. But the chance of me finding that is probably slim to none, so I'll most likely be single for the rest of life!

3. Do you have access to a pool for the summer?

Yes! One of the things that I love about my condo is the fact that we have a pool.

4. Do you have plans for Father's Day?

Nothing fancy. I think that we are going to have pancakes at the Pancake House in 5 Points which is super yummy.

5. Is there anything that terrified you as a child that you find .... now?

Reindeer. Don't ask.

I also seem to have inherited a small dose of my grandmother's propensity for claustrophobia. I am terrified of revolving doors and I will always try to find another way into a building.

6. If you could do something instantly, what would it be?

Transport myself to some far away tropical locale, land in a lounge chair in the sun facing the ocean and have a cabana boy delivering pina coladas. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

7. What would you do to entertain visitors from out of town?

I have NO idea. I guess it depends on who it is. It's City Stages this weekend so that's an option, even though I personally haven't been to CS in years. It's too freaking hot! There's always the museum and/or shopping. Vulcan would also be a fun place to visit.

8. If your best friend owes you money, do you bug them until you get it?

No. I don't generally lend money with the expectation of getting it back. By all means, if a friend needs money and I can afford it, I will give it. But I don't expect it back. IMO, expectations like that only put a strain on a friendship.