Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Gift of Life


Katey and I just got back from visiting our friend Tony at UAB Hospital. He looks and sounds absolutely fantastic.

Tony got the call last night that his double lung transplant was a go. After Katey and I had just had a conversation at dinner about UAB not having done any lung transplants this year, we got home to the news (on Facebook, nonetheless) that Tony was on his way to surgery. Our friend Rocky (CF, 2 years post-txp) traveled down and stayed at the hospital all night, keeping us posted. He went into surgery around 7 PM and by 2 AM was out of surgery and doing great. He was already off the vent by 10 AM today - less than 12 hours after surgery.

I can't even begin to say how amazing he looked. He'll be in CICU for another day or so, then on to HTICU (where all lung transplants go) and then after discharge he (and his family) will have to stay in Birmingham for another four weeks. Not to say this will be an easy road, but based on how great he looked today, my fingers (and toes) are crossed that he will continue his recovery without difficulty.

INSPIRED. What else is there to be?