Monday, July 20, 2009

"Tomorrow is another day..."

What can I say, I STILL have Gone With The Wind on the brain.

But before I went to the movie (which was fantabulous), I snapped a few pics of me being silly with my webcam. I had put a new pic on FB but it didn't really show off the new color as much as I wanted. It's a red-brown base (Goldwell 6RB for those of you in the know) with pink (Elumen PK @ all) highlights. And I decided to go bold with the pink this time - it's so much fun!!!

In other news, I discovered on Friday that my check card had been compromised. Even though I am an employee of the bank, I have to go through the same process as any other customer when filing a dispute. I probably have a better idea than most about what happens behind the scenes so it does make the process a little easier. I (obviously) closed my card the minute I saw an unauthorized transaction on my account, but not before somebody managed to pay their T-Mobile bill to the tune of $105. Out of curiousity, I looked at the authorizations attempted on my check card today and apparently he-(she?)-who-shall-not-be-named tried to pay their $153 Alabama Power bill yesterday. Really? It's a sad state of affairs when you steal somebody's check card to pay your utilities. I don't know where my check card was compromised, but I certainly have my suspicions.

Tonight is another installation of As Carmel Turns (in other words, our HOA meeting). I sent a list of questions to our management company about a week and half ago concerning our finances which I still haven't gotten a response to. THANKS. Way to be prepared.

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with Katey to finalize our SF plans (didn't I already mention this?). The rest of the week is open - I am supposed to be taking a yoga class on Thursday night. I've been doing yoga for years (since shortly after UAB ended the dance program (1998-ish?), and although I haven't practiced super faithfully the last two years or so, I still love it.

I really learned a lot about breath control while taking yoga and -- without a doubt -- I believe that it helped stabilize my functions several years ago. Not discounting the five pneumonias I had and the fact that my functions are now in the 40's (rationalization #11, Cystic Gal?) - I still do my best to keep practicing and breathing! Analaigh.