Monday, July 6, 2009

It was a star-spangled night.

First, thanks to EVERYBODY for making Saturday day and Saturday night such a great time! I can't believe I pulled off having twenty-five people in my condo, but it happened! We had some excellent food, some excellent drinks, and some excellent fun!

My friend Desi took 143 pictures of the night, so I've heisted a few from her Facebook to share with you here.

Miss Mia, Katie and Darlene

Darlene and Rachael

Fireworks galore!

Lots o' shots!

Angela and Daren

Ivan and his lovely, Karissa

Troublemakers. All of us.

The REAL troublemakers.

The start of a very long night...

Devising the perfect toast.

Angela is such a bad influence on me. Or me on her.

He didn't need any outside influence!

Desi - striking a pose!

Bronson's done.

Issy and Beau were still trying to recover on Sunday.