Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exercise Journal, Day 2

It's another early morning (seem to be having a lot of those lately), but I've decided since my body wants to be awake that I might as well take advantage of the fact and get my exercise out of the way for the day.

Start: 88-90% (O2 - no supplemental oxygen) / 120 HR

Walk 5 min: 95% (4L continuous O2) / 113 HR

Run 1: 92%-93% (4L continuous O2) / 150 HR
Walk 2 minutes

Run 2: 91% (4L continuous O2) / 155 HR
Walk 2 minutes

Run 3: 91%-92% (4L continuous O2) / 161 HR
#3 was a fast walk, but I increased my time to two minutes.
Walk 2 minutes

Run 4: 91% (4L continuous O2) / 160 HR
Walk 2 minutes

Run 5: 91% (4L continuous O2) / 164 HR
Walk 2 minutes

Walk 5 minutes (cool down): 93%-94% (4L continuous O2) / 142 HR

End: 95% / 133 HR

Total Time: 26 minutes

My thoughts:

My O2 was a little low getting started this morning but that's because I literally went straight from bed to treadmill. My oxygen saturation always runs low when I am asleep, so those numbers are not surprising. I was sleeping with 2L continuous O2 last night. Also, I had not had my neb treatments this AM prior to starting my walking / jogging.

On a side note, I had to get my liquid tank filled yesterday (during my lunch break). I was explaining to the supplier that I use my concentrator at night but I use the liquid O2 during the day to fill my portable O2 unit (Helios) and then use that for exercise or what have you.

However, I think one of the reasons I run lower saturation levels is because my portable unit can only provide "pulse" O2, not continuous. The guy that was out here yesterday set up a regulator on my liquid tank so I can now run my tubing directly from it to my treadmill and bypass the Helios all together. The plus? I can tell a different in how I feel and in my numbers by using continuous O2 while exercise vs. pulse O2 (which only gives you a small burst of O2 when you breathe).

I'll still keep my Helios for trips, work , etc., but I think I'm really going to enjoy this new setup.

Comments? Tips? Tricks? Any and all advice is welcome.