Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lauren's Dogs 01/10/10

I apologize that I haven't had the opportunity to update my blog with the most recent information about Trixie, Buddha, and Tanooki. I ended up back in Club Med on Friday and the first 1/2 of my week was crazy busy at work - trying to finish up things that were outstanding and then also cleaning, packing, doing laundry, etc.

Here's an update on what's happening with the dogs. I believe that some of the earlier e-mails are getting recirculated.

There was a family in rescue (here in Birmingham, AL) that were going to be able to adopt the dogs this past weekend (January 2). Everything looked good - the GHHS was confident that it would happen and they pulled the PetFinder links. On Saturday, the family spoke with the GHHS. They currently have 1 English Setter and 7 pugs as well as other pets. The English Setter tends to roughhouse with the pugs and likes to play - A LOT. There was some concern over how Trixie (the boxer) would react because she is so overprotective of her pugs (Buddha and Tanooki). In addition, they have cats and were not sure how well the three of them would mix with the cats. So they declined to adopt the dogs at the last minute. I found out on Saturday morning, but wasn't able to speak to the GHHS until Tuesday (the facility is closed on Monday).

Right now, the dogs are still at the shelter (Greater Huntsville Humane Society). They've been there since shortly before Thanksgiving. They are still available for adoption.

They will stay there for the time being. We do still have the option to move them to the boarder / kennel in Montgomery if necessary, but the GHHS assured me that they have the means to care for them and the dogs have actually settled into a routine. Angela was going to begin working with Trixie this week on being apart from the pugs during the day to try and work through some of the anxiety / overprotectiveness that they've seen. We are going to continue trying to find a family to adopt them together, but if worse comes to worst, the dogs may have to be separated. I sincerely hope that does not happen, but I understand the reality.

Angela said not to worry about the dogs during while I was in the hospital, and that she will keep a close watch on them. Of course, I will be calling to check for updates, but I may not be able to be quite as active as I have been in finding them a home while I am in the hospital. I will have access to phone / e-mail / and internet but don't always feel good because of the medicines (antibiotics) that I have to take.


The Greater Huntsville Humane Society has agreed to accept directed donations on behalf of these three. If you can support Lauren's dogs, please donate to the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

You can mail a check to:

2012 Johnson Road
Huntsville, AL 35805

Please include a note with your check that the funds are for the care of Buddha, Tanooki, and Trixie.

You can also donate online. Again, please specify that the gift is in honor of Buddha, Tanooki and Trixie.


I am also continuing to raise money on behalf of Buddha, Tanooki, and Trixie, in Lauren's memory. All monies will be used for the care (boarding, food, vetting expenses) of Lauren's fur babies. Any remaining monies will be split 50/50 between the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the ASPCA (Lauren's favorite charity). I am using ChipIn (recommended by one of the many rescue groups that I have been in touch with) to accept online donations.

Alternatively, you can mail a donation. A bank account 'In Memory of Lauren Sturdivant' has been established at Compass Bank in Birmingham, AL. This is not a tax-deductible donation as I do not have non-profit status at this time (in process!), but I will mail you a receipt for accounting purposes. If you'd like to mail a donation, please contact me via e-mail.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or leave me a comment. If I don't respond immediately, don't worry. I will respond as soon as I am able (because of the high-dose antibiotics that I have to take, there are sometimes of the day that are pretty miserable).