Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lauren's Dogs, 02/04/10

Buddha, Tanooki, and Trixie have a home! TOGETHER!

I last spoke with their new adoptive mom last Thursday, and plans were in motion to transport all three to their new home in Colorado. They'll have three new friends (all pugs) to keep them entertained.

In other news, Tanooki is in much better health. They were able to locate an infection and treat it appropriately. He is doing wonderful now ~ back in good spirits and happy to be with his sisters. The best news is that there were no neurological issues and NO brain tumor.

I can't begin to give enough thanks to all of the kind e-mails and phone calls that I received when I was so desperate to find a home for these babies. I have not been able to thank each of you individually, but I please know that I am beyond grateful for all of the good advice, information, and well wishes.

I've asked the new family to send me some pics once they are all settled in together. I have no doubt that Lauren knows her fur babies will be well taken care of.