Monday, February 8, 2010

New Year, New Look

This weekend it was time to make a change. Lucky for me, my hairstylist-to-the-stars, Shawn, was available on Saturday and was ready to rock out a new look for me.

From this ever-so-boring dark auburn (with my pink and purple highlights being twelve weeks faded, I elected to do an all over red) that I've been sporting since the holidays:

I decided to make a leap of faith and try a color that I've never done before. Coming from me, that's saying a lot. Six hours and at least five processes later, we were done:

(highlighted by the natural light coming in from the picture window)
(you can see a hint of the blue peek-a-boo highlights on the right)

(Same look, but with indoor lighting. I was trying to show the purple highlights.)

I love, love, love it! Just to make it a fun, I added some purple and blue peek-a-boo highlights. Amazingly enough, if I turn my head just right, you can still see the pink.

The Goldwell color line and Elumen products are amazing, but be forewarned, you better love your color - it will last forever and a day.