Saturday, March 20, 2010


If you haven't noticed, I'm using a new template on my blog.  I didn't realize that my Disqus comment form no longer worked with the new XML, so I've been without comments for a few days.

I've reset the functionality on Blogspot to allow comments, so from this post forward you should be able to leave a comment on my posts.

My apologies!  I love comments so please drop me a line (or three) if you have a minute.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look on your blog. Your new bedroom pictures are great. You know how fond I am of flowers ---but the picture of the umbrella people is my favorite.. When you grow tired of it I'll give it a wall. love

Katey said...

I'm glad you have comments back! I wanted to say that I really like those pictures! Glad your sinuses are "perfect", but hope they feel better from today! I love the new blog design/layout!