Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventures in Sinusland

Tuesday I had another ENT appointment, this time for a follow up to last week's Adventures.

I'd like to say things are back to "Perfect!" (ah, the good old days) ... but no, my sinuses continue to be uncooperative.  Srsly, I'm beginning to wonder what I've done to piss off the sinus gods.

Never mind the fact that my frontal sinuses are itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy small.  That's fine.  Never mind the fact that it's just a "CF thing."  Whatever.  The latest and greatest is that I now have a flap of something (I didn't catch what - scar tissue or cartilage) that continues to try and block the opening to my frontal sinuses.  Dr. W. snipped away a couple of pieces in the hopes that it will keep the passages clear.  I'm also to continue doing the Pulmicort flushes twice a day to (hopefully) decrease any inflammation.

The only good news is that I got a three week break until my next appointment.  Truthfully, he wanted to see me in two weeks but as I will be sipping a cocktail somewhere in the Caribbean then, I told him it'd just have to wait.