Friday, September 24, 2010

Alive and kickin'...

You know it's been awhile since you've posted when your doctor asks if you've forgotten about your blog at your most recent clinic visit.  I haven't exactly FORGOTTEN but it has been on the back burner for quite awhile now (looking back, I'm only five days shy of a two month lapse in posting).  My apologies.

Admittedly, this last hospital visit (in August) was a good opportunity to write, but I hardly touched my computer while I was there.  Literally, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I used it during this admission.  I was gorked out on Prednisone for the majority of my stay which makes a very anti-social Brandi.  Between that and the never-ending nausea that is my life on antibiotics, you can imagine that writing a pretty little post was the least of my concerns.

Since I've been home, life has been ... well, BUSY.  Looking back over my calendar for the past month or so, there hasn't been a week where I have been home more than one night a week.  In between the J-O-B, I'm still the treasurer for our homeowner's board, I've written a newsletter for Delta Gamma and attended numerous board & committee meetings for our newly formed CF Young Professionals Board.  Methinks I might be stretched a little thin, but I'm going to continue trying to juggle these balls for as long as possible.

In other, more exciting news, my bestie (Dā) is home from the UK for an extended visit.  She gave birth to a beautiful little girl in March and I've finally gotten to lay eyes on Miss Lily, who is cuteness personified.  For the girl who only has a thimbleful of maternal instinct, I've spent an awful lot of time looking for cute baby outfits at Baby Gap and Old Navy.

Last Sunday was an absolute blast!  Dā and I ventured over to an old friend's house to spend some time with an amazing group of people that we haven't seen in fourteen years.  If you're counting, you'll be able to guess that these were my old friends from high school.  We spent the entire afternoon (and well into the evening) catching up on everybody's happenings since our glory days at THS.  It was wonderful to reminisce, laugh at pictures and compare stories.  Turns out, my friends rock as much now as they did then.

What else? What else? I know I'm forgetting a million and one things that have happened since my escape from jail. Hmmm.....


Oh well!  Since I can't think of more of the past to tell, I'll leave you with a few things that I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks.

* the first Birmingham Broadway show of the season -- Legally Blonde;
* spending more time with Dā and Lily-bug before they hop across the pond again;
* the Renaissance Faire (I still need something to wear); and
* HALLOWEEN (I've already ordered three costumes!!!)



SWelch said...

Don't feel bad. I have been extrememly neglecting my blog since all of this transplant junk has been happening. I have got to start blogging my experiences more for you guys. I hope maybe it will help whoever has to go through it eventually! Glad your clinic appointment went well!!
Summer =)

Stacey said...

Holy Moly! What are you going to do with 3 costumes??? Glad you're doing well!

Gypsy Glamorous said...

Sounds fab! Its about time Dana came and you got to meet Lily! Now it's your turn to go visit them.
And do you order multiple Halloween costumes every year? You could just use the one you didn't use last year! ;)
You failed to mention your new fast toy!!!